Here's one for UK folks—BBC iPlayer has been updated with some cool features just in time for the holidays. Should you find yourself without sufficient bandwidth, you can entertain yourself with your favorite programs offline for 30 days. You just need to download them to your device. As if we weren't already jealous enough of your iPlayer access.


Here's the changelog for the new (festive) update.

  • Watch for 30 days! You can now watch and download programmes on iPlayer for 30 days after they’re on TV. So you can stretch that festive cheer well into the New Year.
  • Going back home for Christmas? You can now change your location in Settings to watch on demand regional programmes via the TV Guide.
  • As a Christmas treat, we’ve also got rid of a few more of those small, annoying, green things (bugs, not sprouts)

You can now save programs to your device and watch them up to 30 days after they air. There are issues with downloads on some KitKat devices, but overall people seem pretty happy with the update. I can't speak to that personally because I'm not in the UK, and thus am very jealous. In addition to the 30 days of offline access, the updated app includes location settings so you can watch regional on-demand content when you're away from home. Bug fixes? There are some of those too.

Go ahead any enjoy your iPlayer, British people. I'll just have to make do with all the Google stuff you can't have.

BBC iPlayer
BBC iPlayer
Price: To be announced