Whether or not you know the name, you've encountered a CAPTCHA before. It's the little window typically found at the bottom of an online registration form that's meant to separate real people from robots or scripts that could potentially flood a site with phony accounts and fraudulent purchases. reCAPTCHA is a Google-owned implementation that you've probably seen across the web, and convincing it that you're a real person usually consists of squinting at a set of funky letters and re-typing them as best as you can. The experience is frustrating on a PC and just plain aggravating on a mobile device.

Now Google has introduced a new API that should make the entire experience more pleasant. It's called the "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA".

The new system simply asks if you're a robot and takes your word for it. Just check the box confirming that "I'm not a robot." Though when more is required, it can still shoot up a picture of those funky letters to really prove you're real. But if you're using a mobile device, there's an alternative method that is significantly easier.

cat_captcha turkey_captcha

Instead of wrestling with their virtual keyboards to peck out the correct string of letters, mobile users can now tap on corresponding pictures. It's a system that might just cut down on the number of times people wait until they're at their PC before signing up for stuff.

Source: Google