Is Google+ 4.8 a big deal? Not unless you're really into seeing a few buttons get moved around. But since these changes do impact how people use the app, we're going to detail them nonetheless. Here goes.

What's New

When you're ready to make a post, the send button has moved from the bottom right corner to the top right corner of the window. Essentially, it has swapped places with the menu button. Here's a before and after shot.

g1 g2

Left: Old version, Right: New version. These shots were taken on different devices. I also turned into an Archon.

The pluses, share, and comments buttons that appear at the bottom of posts have turned from black to gray.

Screenshot_2014-12-03-11-56-11 Screenshot_2014-12-03-11-56-07

Left: Old version, Right: New version. Again, different devices.

We've also noticed that check boxes have gone from teal to reddish orange.

Screenshot_2014-12-03-12-14-39 Screenshot_2014-12-03-12-13-51

Same story here.

There could be more changes here that we have yet to come across. If you find any, let us know. But first, you need the APK.


The APK is signed by Google and upgrades your existing app. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. Rather than wait for Google to push this download to your devices, which can take days, download and install it just like any other APK.

File name:

Version: (413443606) (Android 4.4+)

MD5: 9507d1d1ce99250aacfe8137558ffa3d