PlayLater lets you record online video on a PC and save it for later use. PlayOn takes that content and makes it viewable on your TV or mobile device. The latter can help you find shows available online and, as long as you have the requisite subscriptions (to Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.), get you up and running.

Altogether, these are good tools for cord cutters to add to their digital utility belts. They require a subscription to use, but for the holidays, you can get lifetime usage of PlayOn and PlayLater for only $19.99.

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Not too long ago, you could consider purchasing this package for over twice as much to be a good deal, but that only makes this sale all the more compelling. To further sweeten the deal, buyers also get AdSkipper, which can automatically skip over commercials when you're watching videos.

To recap, you can stream content to PCs, TVs, tablets, and smartphones in both SD and HD. There's no limit to the amount of recordings you can save, and you can cast local content to your TV or secondary device as well. If you haven't glanced at the Android app before, now's as good a time as any to see how it looks.

Price: Free

PlayOn and PlayLater with Adskipper lifetime deal