Many developers are rushing to get apps updated with material design interfaces, but Delta is still working on Holo. The new v3.0 update adds a navigation drawer, as well as some new itinerary views to keep you up to date. It's not material, but trust me, it could be a lot worse.

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Here's the full changelog for the new update.

  • We've added a Navigation drawer for easier multi-tasking
  • The new “Today” feature gathers everything you need for your day of travel in one convenient place.
  • “Feed” ensures you always have the latest flight updates, gate changes and more
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements

So now you can hop around the app from the slide-out navigation menu, which is nice. Two new destinations you'll see there include Today and Feed. Today is a single location for all the data you need for your flights on a particular day. The Feed page shows you all your Delta flight information over time like delays and gate changes.

The app doesn't look bad all things considered, and have you seen some of those other airline apps? The US Airways app still has a legacy menu button of shame. The Delta app is pretty amazing by comparison.

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