Secure Settings is a complex Tasker/Locale plugin for rooted and non-rooted security conscious users alike. Version 1.3.5 of the app has gone stable, bringing with it a beefy changelog that should help the software play nicely with modern devices and give older handsets new perks as well.


On the list, we have fixes for Android 5.0 compatibility issues, a fingerprint lock toggle for the Galaxy S5, and new or updated Samsung-specific modes (Multi Window, S Beam, etc) on the company's myriad of devices. As for changes that affect everyone, regardless of the age of their hardware (assuming it's at least running Android 2.2), there's a small monitoring service that listens in the background for settings updates and a Wi-Fi toggle. People can also use certain settings as conditions and output state to Tasker variables.

Continuing on, we see the ability to set pattern lock as a monitored action (Xposed Pattern Lock), and an expanded desktop style for custom ROMs running Android 4.4 or higher.

What's new:

  • Latest: Fix for license key activation issues
  • Android 5.0 fixes
  • New features:
    • Setting State/Secure Settings Monitoring
    • Device Setting action
    • WiFi toggle
    • Development Settings toggle
    • Xposed Pattern Lock
    • Expanded Desktop Style
    • Fingerprint Lock Toggle [S5]
    • New/updated Samsung Modes

To really get a look at things, use the widget below to download the app or view the full changelog at the link underneath.

Secure Settings
Secure Settings
Developer: intangibleObject
Price: Free+

Source: Changelog