The hour is upon us, but it may be more like the minute. Motorola is accepting sign-ups for its Cyber Monday Moto X deal, and it's sure to go very, very fast. It's supposed to run from 11AM CST to 5PM CST, but supplies are limited. It's also a US-only deal.


Just zip over to the Motorola site and fill out the form. If you're fast enough, you'll get a unique coupon code in your email that slices $140 off the price of an unlocked Pure Edition Moto X. Verizon customers can get the phone for just $0.01 on-contract with the code. Anyone buying a Moto X with the code can also take 30% off accessories purchased at the same time.

The codes must be used by December 15th at 11:59PM CST. The last few times Motorola has offered this kind of discount, the codes were gone in mere minutes and the site was a laggy mess. So really, I'm not sure why you're still reading this. What are you doing? Stop reading and go get a cheap phone. Seriously, you are wasting precious seconds reading these words. It's essentially costing you money to read this sentence. And this one right here—you just lost more money. Oh well, you probably already missed it. Sorry.