'Twas the first of December, when in the Play Store

came an app that we'd all seen just one year before.

A Santa tracker made kids really keen

with a sizeable update for Twenty-Fourteen.

Google Santa Tracker's new interface

lets you keep up with Saint Nick's overnight race.

With help from Maps and the big guy himself,

any rosy-cheeked kid can track the old elf.


When watching Santa go off on a tear,

this year you can track him from Android Wear.

It supports Android TV, unlike years past

and still plays along with the thrifty Chromecast.

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Games, quizzes, puzzles, and a Flappy Bird clone

keep the kids occupied on the long sleigh ride home.

And a big central clock counts the days of the year

'til Santa flies by with eight nine reindeer.

2014-12-02 00.10.02

On Asus, on Moto, on Samsung and LG,

on Huawei and HTC, OnePlus and Sony,

get your Christmas cheer on with a single free app

and follow The Claus as he zooms 'round the map.


We didn't make all of this crap up, of course.

We got it from here: Google Maps is the source.

Google Santa Tracker
Google Santa Tracker
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free