Look, if you're a dedicated Android user, eventually you're going to spend at least twenty-five bucks on apps, games, movies, music, books, magazines, or in-app purchases in the Play Store. At least I hope so, for the sake of the developers. That being the case, why not save a little bit by taking advantage of Best Buy's generosity? Right now the retailer is offering 10% off on purchases of Google Play gift cards.


It looks like the only denominations currently being discounted are the $25 (now $22.50) and $50 (now $45) cards, but that's still $2-5 you would have spent that you now don't have to. You can grab both cards with free shipping, which is good, since they don't appear to be taking store pickup orders. (Brick-and-mortar Best Buy stores may have the same discount, and are unlikely to run out.) So what are you waiting for? Go get some discounted Google credit. This deal is unlikely to stick around beyond Thanksgiving weekend.

Note: Remember that the Play Store doesn't allow you to redeem gift card credit for phone, tablet, or hardware accessory purchases. Sorry, you can't buy a dozen of these and save 10% on a new Nexus 6.

Best Buy: Google Play gift card - $50 (on sale for $45.00), $25 (on sale for $22.50)