The biggest problem people have had with the OnePlus One is the convoluted invite system, making it necessary to jump through multiple hoops for the privilege of giving a company money to buy its product. On this most sacred day of bargains and barbarism, OnePlus has elected to suspend the invite system and its only slightly better pre-order page. You can buy a 16GB or 64GB OnePlus One today, no waiting, no hunting for invites, no phone smashing or sexist pandering required.


The two models are offered at their standard prices ($299 and $349), so there are no Black Friday discounts. To be honest, that's pretty understandable - as stated in our review, the OnePlus One remains an amazing value in terms of raw hardware power for the price. Naturally this will only last as long as the dedicated stock does.

OnePlus says that orders made today are guaranteed to arrive before Christmas day. The 16GB model will ship in 10 business days or less, and the black 64GB model will ship in five. There are also deals on some of the official OnePlus One accessories offered in the store, but nothing more than a nice 20% discount on things like headphones, cases, screen protectors, and power cables. Get on it, folks.