The Play Store usually gets accessories a few weeks (or more) behind the launch of any new devices. So it is with the Nexus 6: after showing up as "coming soon" about three weeks ago in the US store, the Stand Folio Case is now available for purchase, and should ship within two business days. The case can be yours for a hefty forty bucks, but it's made by the generally reliable Case-Mate, not some no-name accessory mill.


The Stand Folio Case does what it says on the box, so to speak: it's got a leather-style flap cover with two integrated pockets for cards or ID, and two cutouts for the stereo speakers on the Nexus 6. The back half of the case folds out, allowing users to prop the phone up in a horizontal position that's handy for watching videos. Cutouts for the camera, power and volume buttons, power and headphone jacks, and the rear microphone round out the design.

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The Nexus 6 is huge on its own, so I'm not all that keen to add a bulky full-cover case on top of it - the extra material makes the phone 14mm thick. Also, the combination of the stand and the rear mic cutout makes it look like the case has an anus.

cannot unsee

Cannot unsee.

Yeah, I think I'd rather go for the clear case with its integrated kickstand.

Source: Google Play Store