Google might hate microSD cards, but we know you—you like, nay, love microSD cards. Now is your chance to show your love with a financial gesture. Amazon has a number of Samsung SanDisk microSD cards for as much as 55% off.

2014-11-27 14_04_50-Amazon.com_ Samsung Memory Deal of the Day

The Gold Box deal is for all of Samsung's Pro cards, which are usually a bit more expensive than most other cards of the same capacity. However, the today-only discounts make them really good deals. For example, the 64GB card is $29.99, down from $60. The 32GB is $16.99, usually $38. Each card has a variant with an adapter for a few extra bucks.

There are also some deals on SanDisk cards, though not as part of the Gold Box. Here you get 64GB for $24.95, down from $65. The 32GB is on sale for $12.95 instead of $33. These deals will probably be good for at least a few days. You never know, though. Hop to it before they're gone. You should have some time while the turkey is in the oven.

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