Duolingo treats learning a new language like a game, and it has attracted users thanks to its simple way of breaking courses into something you actually want to dive into during your free time. The latest version sprinkles in elements of Material Design, making the already visually pleasing app feel even more at home on devices running Android 5.0.

This release won't have you mistaking it for a Google app, as the shrunken menu button is slightly off, and the side panel slides in awkwardly under tabs that look stuck in transition between Holo and Material. The drop-down menu's corners are rounded off, which, even if this weren't standard fare for modern Android apps, would suit Duolingo well thanks to its overall bubbly and adorable nature. The animations that take you from one screen to another tie the experience together nicely.

Screenshot_2014-11-26-12-49-21 Screenshot_2014-11-26-12-49-28 Screenshot_2014-11-26-12-49-37

Duolingo looks like a work in progress, and hopefully a future update will smooth these things right on out. But for now, at least you can make this one less developer you're waiting to see make an effort to get their app looking spiffy for Lollipop.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
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