We take a lot of jabs at Verizon here at Android Police, and not without good cause. But we can't deny that the company's current Connection Day promotion, in conjunction with an Amazon partnership, is offering some sweet free stuff. Right now Amazon is giving away a bunch of paid apps and music via its Appstore and Amazon Music portals, compliments of Big Red. You can add them to your Amazon library whether or not you use Verizon for home or wireless services.

amazon promo

Here's a breakdown of the free apps and games, and their normal Amazon prices:



These music tracks are also free. Add them to your Amazon Music account today and you'll have access to them anytime. There are also a few Amazon Prime music playlists that Verizon has presumably picked out, but they aren't accessible to non-Prime users.

Audiobook fans can get two free months of Audible (two audiobook credits) when they start an account, today only. The normal introductory promotion for Audible is just one month. Sign in with an Amazon account and you won't have to hand over a credit card number... or remember to cancel your account when the promotional period expires.

Since Verizon is an American company, we're assuming that these promotions are only valid for Amazon's US store.

Source: Amazon