In the last month Google has offered up the Guardians of the Galaxy mixtape, Lorde's Pure Heroine, and Night Visions by Imagine Dragons entirely for free. Now you can grab deadmau5's electronic album titled > album title goes here < (no, that's not a note for me to come back and wiki the name later). Like previous deals, there's a good chance this one is only available in the US thanks to labels, licensing, and other shenanigans.

Screenshot 2014-11-26 at 10.42.28 AM

If you live in the US and don't have much of a personal connection, now's a good time to start using Play Music. Each of these albums have appealed to a different musical palate, but if there's even a slight chance you will grow to like something eventually, free is the perfect price to pay to find out. And with the ability to download the files straight from your library after purchasing, there's no superliminal messaging or telemiscommunication going on here. > album title goes here < is legitimately free, no strings attached.

> album title goes here< on Google Play

Thanks, Bryan Button.