The Team Win Recovery Project is a great custom recovery, but it isn't pretty. Back in the Ice Cream Sandwich days, it kind of blended in. Nowadays, it's just that outdated screen you largely don't care about while you flash .zips.

But what if TWRP could look just as sleek as the rest of Android 5.0? Thanks to the work of XDA developer z31s1g, it can get close. He has released a Materialized TWRP theme that changes the appearance of every screen, including when you're wiping partitions or running scripts. It comes in either a light or dark variant, and you can choose any of 15 colors.


Screenshot_2014-10-23-15-10-47 Screenshot_2014-10-23-15-11-32 Screenshot_2014-10-23-15-11-55

The Materalized TWRP theme supports resolutions ranging from HVGA (320 by 480) to QHD (1440 by 2560). You need version 2.8 of the custom recovery or higher to enjoy the goods.

Download links and instructions are available on the XDA Developers page.

You can also get more shots of the theme at the developer's Google+ gallery.

Via DroidViews