For Android users, the Pebble Steel sits in a somewhat precarious position. It has the build quality of a designer watch, but it has the screen of something from what increasingly feels like a bygone era. The end result is something that looks premium and not-so-much at the same time, especially when lined up against its shinier Android Wear competitors on the store shelf.

But the Pebble Steel isn't a bad purchase, and Best Buy's currently willing to make it a better one. The smartwatch usually goes for $199.99, twice the price of its more well-known plastic sibling. Today Best Buy will let the accessory go for $149.99.

To get your hands on the goods at this discounted price, you need to enter a promotion code worth $50 at checkout. And this time around, well, ha, just look at the code for yourself. It's PEBBLESTEELDEAL. No joke.


You can walk through the virtual Best Buy door at the link below. Have your digital wallet ready.

Pebble Steel at Best Buy