You may not be able to tell from the product icon (update: B&H has issued another update with a new icon, seen above) but B&H, purveyor of everything photo, video, and audio, has updated its app with tons of material-inspired elements.

Apparently inspired by Google's new design direction, the company's app is now jam-packed with illustrations, material-inspired transitions, vivid colors, and cards.

Screenshot_2014-11-25-19-20-07 Screenshot_2014-11-25-19-21-57

The app's approach to organizing information swings in both directions - the home page serves up a huge, colorful illustration, along with bright promotional cards and shortcuts (along with a search FAB). The interface progressively gets more organized and sparse as you dive into the app until, in places like the "used" section, you've got just text-based lists. In most cases, collections of square cards lead into tiled lists, with the FAB changing to a filter icon for refined results.

Screenshot_2014-11-25-19-21-52  Screenshot_2014-11-25-19-22-12 Screenshot_2014-11-25-19-22-34 Screenshot_2014-11-25-19-24-05

There are of course some rough edges in the design (like the hamburger menu), and - at least on the Nexus 9 - performance is not perfect (heavy transitions are likely the culprit), but there are a lot of things about the new design that work, and it's great to see a company like B&H putting this much effort into its Android app design.

B&H encourages users with feedback to contact them using an email address listed on the Play Store, and notes that the newly designed app drops support for devices running Android versions below 4.0

Source: B&H (Google+)

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