The Fire TV Stick is a slimmed-down version of the Fire TV streaming device, and Amazon's answer to the Chromecast. It's also sold out until January 15th on, no doubt due to the massive amount of Amazon Prime users who have taken advantage of the 50% off promotion. But if you're hunting for one for yourself or for a present, Best Buy has it in stock right now, and at a significant discount.


US readers can grab a Fire TV stick for $24.99 from, a neat fifteen bucks off of the $40 retail price. That price doesn't get you free shipping, though you could probably add some small stuff like batteries or a spare cable to hit Best Buy's $35 target if you really wanted it. The company is also offering store pickup, which means that the Fire TV Stick is in stock at least at some locations. Whether or not the sale price is offered at brick-and-mortar stores, I couldn't say. You'll have to pay state sales tax.

The Fire TV Stick can handle most of the apps designed for the larger Fire TV, focusing on the movies and music apps available in the Amazon Appstore, and of course Amazon's own streaming offerings. It can't handle all the games that the full-sized unit can, though some simpler titles play on the included remote. The one thing it can't do is play Google Play Store movies, television, or music.

Source: - Thanks, Craig Brockman!