MX Player is now ready for Android Lollipop. No, it's not any prettier than it was before. There's no Material Design to drool over, no bright colors, nor a floating action button to make us feel like we're living at the end of 2014. This video player is largely the same app as before. Its developer has just removed the restriction that prevented it from running on 5.0 devices. Now people who rely on MX Player don't have to do without when upgrading to Lollipop.

While this isn't the big redesign you may have hoped for, there are some new features to take in. There's a new view menu that lets you determine how to sort the files saved on your device. Under settings, you will now find the options to toggle playback with the play button and the ability to scroll to the last played media file. When a video's open, you can disable sound from the audio track selection menu.

Screenshot_2014-11-21-15-06-35 Screenshot_2014-11-21-15-06-48 Screenshot_2014-11-21-15-07-17


The big takeaway here is that if you lost MX Player when transitioning to Android 5.0, now you have it back. You can enjoy your locally saved videos once again.

MX Player
MX Player