All of these "smart" devices in our lives sure are creating a mess for us. We have to remember to charge them and take the time to set them up properly, every gadget has its own app on our phone, and none of them seem to be able to communicate effortlessly with each other unless they come from the same manufacturer, and even then... That's where Yonomi comes into the picture.

With one app, Yonomi aims to solve the mess that is our connected life. It integrates with some of the big players out there, like Nest, Jawbone, Sonos, Philips Hue, and Belkin WeMo, as well as your Android phone or tablet. The app lets you create routines, or recipes in IFTTT-like terms, based on certain conditions. Say that Jawbone detected that you woke up, you can have your Hue light up, your WeMo-connected coffee machine and toaster turn on, and your Sonos speaker start playing your favorite tunes, just like in the above promo video.

Yonomi was available in Beta on the Play Store earlier this month, but it has now hit its official release. This update brings the ability to add more conditions to routines, like your phone's location (home/away), the date and time, and incoming/outgoing calls. You could turn your Nest thermostat off when you leave your house, have your lights flicker when you receive a call even if your phone is silent, and get your Sonos to welcome you with a cute message when you get home.

Yonomi is available for free on the Play Store and if the current crop of supported gadgets doesn't include the ones you own, the developers are promising support for more brands and connected devices later.

Yonomi - Smart Home Automation
Yonomi - Smart Home Automation
Developer: Yonomi
Price: Free