Sprint has lowered the price of its on-contract Nexus 6 from $299.99 to $249.99. This brings the carrier's asking price in line with AT&T, who previously sold a near identical version for $50 less. The full cost of the phone has also dropped down to $648, making Sprint's version one dollar cheaper than what you find on Google Play.

Screenshot 2014-11-20 at 10.15.20 AM

This comes as good news to future Sprint customers, who can now save themselves the potential headache of buying from another carrier without having to fork over extra money (ignoring all the extra moolah it takes to sign a two-year contract in the long run versus paying for a phone outright, an option that isn't actually available yet on the site).

But what about those who already paid for the phone? They're not out of luck. Sprint will issue a refund for the $50 price difference to anyone who purchased the phone between November 14th and the 18th. Here's the proof in the form of a Sprint document.


Sprint customers can place an order for the Nexus 6 at their local branch or by following the link below.

32GB Midnight Blue Nexus 6 on Sprint