Roughly one year ago, the Rockstar Consortium filed a lawsuit against Google and a number of Android handset companies in the Eastern District of Texas for patent infringement. That consortium consisted of Apple, Ericsson, Microsoft, Sony, and Blackberry, companies that bought up a heap of Nortel patents related to telephony and internet technology.

According to re/code, a court filing made by Google earlier this week reveals that the dispute has been settled, and the two are seeking a dismissal of the case. And no, this most definitely does not mean Google won: they're almost certainly paying out a hefty settlement. Cisco settled with Rockstar earlier this month for $188 million (at least, that's the first payment they're discussing), and considering the suit against Google was related to search, I can only imagine what this is going to cost.

It's not clear if Google's settlement will eventually lead to Rockstar settling with any of the Android handset makers it has sued, though it does seem likely that if Google is caving, so too will its partners, at least eventually.