Half a year ago, Google purchased Divide, a security-focused startup that isn't exactly a household name in the consumer space. The company appealed to enterprise clients by separating personal data from work-related stuff using containers. The acquisition, we figured, came as part of Google's efforts to make Android a better option for corporate users that have traditionally acted squeamish towards the mobile OS.

Now we're seeing at least one byproduct of that arrangement. Google has released the Divide Productivity Preview into the Play Store, an app that can only be used as part of the Android IT Preview Program. The suite serves as a gateway to a company's existing corporate Exchange/ActiveSync or Notes-compatible infrastructure. It includes apps for managing calendar, contacts, downloads, mail, and tasks. All of them should fit right in on an Android Lollipop device thanks to a clean Material look.

Divide1 Divide2

Divide3 Divide4

Access is currently restricted to invited users only. If you're an IT manager interested in getting your workplace hooked up with this, Google has a place where you can sign up.

Divide Productivity
Divide Productivity
Developer: Divide
Price: Free