It's nowhere near Valentine's day but Google is feeling the love. Maybe it wants to help you find that special person before New Year's Eve so you have someone to kiss at midnight, or maybe it's just setting you up for a healthy relationship in preparation for February 14th, but regardless of the reason, Google Search now responds to the command, "Give me a love quote." Try it and out pops a card with a random famous quote about love. Got one you don't like? You can try again.

ok-google-love-quote-1 ok-google-love-quote-2 ok-google-love-quote-3

It might not be as fun as flipping a coin or rolling a dice through a search, but it could potentially be life-altering. Who knows, you might start by wooing your date with some romantic words provided by Google, then end up committing to the ultimate quote of, "till death do us part." Sure, chances are you'll wind up searching for heartbreak or divorce quotes, but I'm an optimistic person. Go get'em tiger!

ok-google-love-quote-4 ok-google-love-quote-5 ok-google-love-quote-6

Source: @Google