Droid Zap began as an exclusive feature that Verizon and Motorola hyped up together, but since then, the feature has spread out to all Android phones and iOS as well. Now the app is getting a visual refresh that should make it look at home on modern devices. The colors are bolder, cards are all over the place, and cute imagery ties everything together. There's also a floating action button hovering in the corner.

Screenshot_2014-11-20-13-43-46 Screenshot_2014-11-20-13-43-54

Screenshot_2014-11-20-13-44-00 Screenshot_2014-11-20-13-44-05 Screenshot_2014-11-20-13-44-11

This is the first update since 2.1 hit back in February, so Motorola has packed quite a few features inside the app. Now users can automatically receive Zaps—photos, videos, etc.—upon launch. Then they can share links to iOS and Android devices alike using motorola.com/zap.

Some of the most exciting features are reserved for the Verizon-exclusive Droid Turbo. Owners of this powerful handset can zap photos from their gallery to a Chromecast, cast Zap Zones (photo sharing sessions), and send zaps using a custom voice command.

Here's the changelog. Be careful, it might shock you.

What's new:

  • New to DROID Turbo: Zap to TV, Zap screenshot with your custom voice trigger
  • New to iOS: Share Zap with iOS devices and be part of Zap Zones
  • New to Android: Auto receive Zap and refreshed UI

Droid Zap
Droid Zap
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