Andru is probably the most adorable power adapter in the universe. The bugdroid-inspired plug has movable arms, flexible antennae, and light-up eyes (blue means charging, white is for standby), making it a perfect desk charger and about 100 times more dynamic than the average power brick.

The 2.5" adapter has 5V/1A DC output, and normally costs $25 each for an Andru, Andru Dark, Andru Chill, or Andra (pink) unit. In preparation for holiday shopping (or just for fun, who knows?) PowerbyGen is offering all four variants together for just $65, about $35 off the normal price of a full set.

all four colors-653x387

PowerbyGen doesn't specify exactly how long we can expect this deal to last, but if you're looking for a great small gift for a tech lover in your life, you can't go wrong with Andru. Each charger comes with its own USB cable, but Apple users can plug their own cables into Andru too. Hit the link below to take advantage of the deal.