You can navigate the Android TV interface using a remote control or dedicated app, but Google would really like for you to use your voice. Even if you're typing, the company would prefer you search for what you're looking for, rather than browse manually. This is Google, we're talking about.

The TV version of the Google search app has now found its way into the Play Store, which should allow for easier updates going forward, even if there's no particular reason to rush and download it right away.

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Google Search doesn't just let you look for films and TV shows. You can also pull up the weather, sports scores, and general facts.

Most of us don't have a device that can utilize this app just yet (you need a Nexus Player or the ADT-1 to install it from Google Play), but we can all take a moment to hit up the widget below and appreciate the pname at the end of the Play Store URL.

Google app for Android TV
Google app for Android TV
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free