There are different approaches to making email simpler and faster to deal with. Google's Inbox tries to group your communications by type, other apps transform email into tasks, and some keep the same ol' concept we're all used to but sprinkle some useful options here and there. WeMail adopts this third approach, while still attempting to interfere (mostly for the better) with the way your inbox is displayed.

WeMail pulls your email from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and AOL, and groups it by sender, essentially collapsing your inbox into a more manageable size. The other organization trick up its sleeve affects image and document attachments, which get their dedicated section where they are divided by sender. WeMail also offers real-time search based on keywords, with the option to narrow down the results by person or attachment.

The neatest feature of the app however is WeMail Voice, which lets you reply to email messages with a voice note up to 20 seconds. That note then appears as an attachment on the recipient's end. This could come in handy when you receive an email and don't have the time nor the availability to sit down and type a proper reply.


As you can see from the app's screenshots, it also adopts a Material-inspired design with bold colors, a FAB, and lots of white. If you're interested in the story behind WeMail, you can read the app's press release below, and if you just want to try it out for yourself, the link to the Play Store is further down. It's free there by the way.

MERCER ISLAND, WA--(Marketwired - Nov 18, 2014) - Justin Kan and Emmett Shear, founders of Twitch, Tikhon Bernstam, the founder of Scribd and Parse, Sean Byrnes, the founder of Flurry, and Steve Huffman, co-founder of Reddit and Hipmunk, have invested over $1 million in WeMail, the only email app that is designed for how people communicate on mobile devices. WeMail provides instant email delivery, offers a clean inbox organized into conversations by email sender, and enables hands-free email via WeMail Voice.

WeMail is the only email app that allows users to send and reply to any email in their own voice. WeMail automatically organizes email by sender, providing a chat-like experience based on the way people naturally communicate. This people-focused approach instantly cuts the size of any inbox by over 64% on average and means any email or attachment -- even in the largest inboxes -- can be found in seconds. WeMail is founded by brothers Phil and Gerald Yuen, Y Combinator alumnus. Over the last several years they've sold two successful startups to Amazon and Zynga. Additional WeMail investors include Amazon and Zynga executives.

Because email is the last original desktop app remaining on smartphones, it's slow and cumbersome. Searching for a word or phrase within an email or for attachments such as documents, photos and self-notes in existing email apps is time-consuming and frustrating. Many email providers simply replicate the desktop experience on mobile, not allowing for the differences in mobile behavior and platforms. They also impose new behavior that users have to learn and adhere to.

WeMail's key features and capabilities include:

  • WeMail Voice - For the first time, WeMail gives email a voice. Based on patent-pending technology users can send and reply to any email with a personal Voice note up to 20 seconds long. Users can record and send a Voice Note with just one tap. Fellow WeMail app recipients will see the Voice Note instantly in their email stream and can press play to listen to the message with one click. If they don't have the WeMail app, it will be sent as an audio attachment which they can play through their media player. No other email app lets you record and send messages immediately via email in your own voice.
  • Instant Email - Emails to fellow WeMail app users are sent and appear at the speed of IM. There's no need to wait for delivery or to refresh the inbox. Emails appear in conversation streams as soon as the 'Send' button is pushed. And like IM, recipients can see when someone is in the process of writing a message or uploading an attachment. This feature can also be turned off.
  • Clutter-free inbox - WeMail organizes emails by sender instantly reducing the size of any inbox by more than 64% on average. Email is now organized in a way that makes it easy to navigate and find conversations. With WeMail, email streams are transformed into a clean text message-like format rather than dense, long and convoluted threads.
  • One tap access to attachments - WeMail provides one-tap access to all attachments by sender. To find any document, PDF, photo, etc. that was sent or received, users click on a name and then click the attachments button to see all attachments sent between the user and that sender.
  • Real-time contextual search - WeMail offers advanced search capability within the app. Simply enter a keyword and WeMail shows any word or phrase in the context of the information around it. This makes it easier and faster to find anything in your inbox.
  • Optimized for Mobile - Because WeMail organizes email by contacts and offers Voice Notes and Instant Email, finding and sending email becomes much faster. When compared to Gmail, Mailbox, Outlook, AOL and Yahoo! Mail, WeMail takes 80% fewer screen scrolls and 33% fewer taps to get to an email; and gives you one-tap access to your attachments.

"Email is the one common way people around the world stay connected and organized," said Phil Yuen, co-founder and CEO of WeMail. "But tired, old email programs don't reflect the way we want to use our mobile devices to communicate and get organized. WeMail flipped the model by putting people first and transforming email into the ultimate mobile experience."

Research shows that mail is the most important communication vehicle on mobile and on the desktop. It's the most preferred communication for 74% of adults. Over 204 million emailsare sent per minute -- 5x more than Whatsapp messages and 600x more than Tweets/minute.

"I knew WeMail would change the way we used email on mobile the minute I saw it," said Tikhon Bernstam, Scribd, Parse founder. "I would have paid $50k on Kickstarter just to have WeMail with no equity at all because it's literally a life changer."

WeMail for Android is free and available now in Google Play. Coming soon to iOS.


WeMail - Free Email App
WeMail - Free Email App