Samsung has milked music before, and now it is ready to milk video as well. The company has announced another creamy media-consuming app intended to pump more value into the hands of millions of Galaxy device owners, and it goes by the name of Milk Video.

This time around, Samsung customers are treated to a way of absorbing various videos from across the web without having to actively search for them. Milk Video monitors what each of its users view, like, follow, and dismiss to push up recommendations that it's sure will catch their interest. Samsung says exclusive content from the likes of Condé Nast, Funny Or Die, Red Bull, Vevo, and VICE is either already available or coming down the pipeline.

video1 Video2 Video3

To keep things from tasting stale, Milk Video comes with a built-in social element. In addition to sources of content, you can follow friends and other users inside the app, with each of you reposting videos to your own personal feeds. Alternatively, you can share with Facebook and Twitter, so that folks who don't own a Samsung device can still enjoy the goods.

For now, Milk Video is explicitly compatible with the Galaxy Note II, Note 3, Note 4, Note Edge, Mega, S III, S 4, S 4 mini, S III mini, and Galaxy S 5.

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Source: Samsung