We've seen the Keylink pop up a few times at retail and in various rumors. Now it's finally official at $24.99. This Bluetooth dongle goes on your keychain and tethers to your phone so the Moto Connect app can keep tabs on your keys and vice versa.


The Connect app can be used to make the Keylink beep if your keys find their way between the cushions or in some other less accessible crevasse. If the phone goes for an unauthorized excursion, there's a button on the Keylink to make the phone ring. If you lose both, you're screwed.

Because it's a Bluetooth device, Android 5.0 phones can add the Keylink as a trusted device that keeps the phone unlocked when it's in range. Motorola says the battery in the Keylink can last a year and can be replaced by owners with a standard coin cell. It's for sale on Motorola's site and at T-Mobile starting today (supposedly), but it appears to be out of stock online.

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