All this technology is ruining us, isn't it? I mean, people are wearing watches now because they are too lazy to take their phone out of their pocket. That's insane. Don't you long for simpler times, when sending a message meant sitting at a desk and dipping a quill pen in ink? If you do experience this kind of nostalgia, you might be able to rekindle your relationship with the past thanks to this Kickstarter project.

SteelConnect M is the team's second watch customization project (the original SteelConnect was geared toward the Pebble), and has already gone beyond its funding goal of £10,000 on Kickstarter with a week left to spare. The project offers 3 different rewards for Moto 360 owners: M ° 1 8 0, M ° 2 2 5, and M - H O O K. Yes, there are spaces between every character, and no, I don't know why.


The M ° 1 8 0 and M ° 2 2 5 are stainless steel strap adapters for the Moto 360. They are inserted right where you leather or steel strap is supposed to be and extend beyond the body of the watch. Sure, you'll be sacrificing the minimalistic and stylish design on the Moto 360, but you're gaining functionality instead. The adapters reduce the wear and tear of the 360's pinholes, let you easily switch straps of various designs (they're NATO-friendly), and are compatible with various wrist sizes. The M ° 1 8 0 extends horizontally out of the Moto 360 to adapt to larger wrists, while the M ° 2 2 5 bends downward to encircle smaller wrists. They're available in both silver and PVD matte black colors, and their pledges currently start at £15 and £33 respectively.


But the one you're probably more interested to read about is the M - H O O K, a hook that transforms the Moto 360 into a pocket watch. See, the 360 is round, metallic, and it was bound to happen, wasn't it? The hook can also work as a necklace, but let's be honest, who wants to carry a deflated tire LCD right in the middle of their chest, when they can hide it in a pocket and pull it out mysteriously every time they get a notification? But in either case, the M - H O O K is available in both silver and PVD matte black starting £9.


If you decide to fund this project, SteelConnect says it will send you M - H O O Ks in January 2015, while the M ° 1 8 0 and M ° 2 2 5 will take one more month to start shipping.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch Captain Koons' pocket watch scene from Pulp Fiction and congratulate myself on finishing this post without alluding to that "one place he knew he could hide something."

SteelConnect M