The Galaxy Note 4 is Samsung's new baby, but last year's Note 3 is still a fine phone if you're into that whole phablet thing. You can snag an unlocked AT&T Note 3 with 32GB of storage on eBay today for $419.99. It's popped up for less, but those deals were all for the 16GB version.

2014-11-19 12_15_14-Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III N900A GSM at T Unlocked Smartphone 32GB Black _ eBay

This is the SM-N900A variant of the Note 3, meaning it has the bands for AT&T in the US. However, this is an unlocked phone and should run just fine on T-Mobile and other compatible GSM carriers. You'll get LTE on T-Mobile and HSPA+ in areas that have been re-farmed with 1900MHz. Also note, this is a brand new device—no refurbs here.

You get free shipping in the US and tax is only paid in New York. International shipping is a thing, but it's expensive.

[Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 3]