Amazon is branching off into all sorts of media. Not content to provide you solely with digital books (through text or audio), magazines, TV shows, movies, and whichever apps it can offer alongside the Play Store, it's working with game developers to bring folks exclusive games as well. The latest product of this effort is Tales From Deep Space, which has landed in the Amazon Appstore for $6.99.


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Tales From Deep Space is a well-animated, comedic side-scrolling platformer with high enough production values to make you wish it were available in the Play Store and open to other devices. Players assume the control of E, a traveling salesman who must escape from Big Moon once his luggage drone, CASI, is mistaken for a threat. Friends with copies of the game can take control of these characters separately in local, two-player co-op.

Titles from Amazon Game Studios are available only for Fire tablets, TVs, and phones—though they're not interchangeable across all form factors. In this case, Tales From Deep Space only runs on tablets, and to enjoy the multiplayer, you need to own a Kindle Fire HDX or one of the slates Amazon released in 2014.

If you like what you see and want some additional backstory, three's a free comic available over at ComiXology that will get you up to speed.

Tales from Deep Space on the Amazon Appstore