Google's latest and greatest smartphone is still hard to come by in most of the world (i.e. impossible), but Indian buyers can now pre-order the phone for quite a lot of money. Flipkart is offering both colors and storage sizes on its website for shipping in the second week of December.

2014-11-18 02_12_28-Mobiles - Buy Nexus 6 Mobiles Online at Best Prices in India Only at

The 32GB Nexus 6 will cost you Rs. 43,999 (about $712), while the beefy 64GB model will run you Rs. 48,999 (nearly $800). You may scoff at the prices, but at least Flipkart is taking regular pre-orders unlike some companies I could name. But I won't because we've got class CoughGoogleCough. Excuse me.


You can get a little break on the price if you trade in an old phone, but not much. Even with a pre-order queue, you should probably decide fast.

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