Out of the box, you probably don't give your phone or tablet's LED notification light all that much thought. It glows, sure, but that's just one more way of conveying information otherwise relayed via a sound or vibration. Well, if you take control of your LED and color-coordinate your apps, then you can get that little light to convey quite a bit. And if you want to do this, Light Flow is going to be one of the best recommendations you get.

With the 3.50 update, Light Flow is now ready for Android 5.0. It should run properly, and thanks to a visual refresh, it should look right at home as well. Light Flow's developers have designed the app with new materials, and that alone is worth the upgrade.

Screenshot_2014-11-18-11-52-02 Screenshot_2014-11-18-11-52-13

Screenshot_2014-11-18-11-52-35 Screenshot_2014-11-18-11-53-12

But you also get compatibility with some of Google's more recent apps, such as Inbox by Gmail and the new Messenger. There are over 30 more apps joining those.

The update has already hit the paid version of the app ($2.49), but it hasn't yet hit the free one. Just give it time. The changes should flow in that direction soon enough.

What's new:

  • Lollipop compatibility
  • Material design changes including new nav drawer, elevation and FAB button and status bar and fonts
  • Support for Inbox by Google
  • Support for new Google messenger app
  • Removal of "L" notification warning
  • Ability to show LEDs when the Lollipop volume in "Priority mode"
  • Support for new Google Now reminders
  • Support for new motorola email app
  • New words with friends support
  • Support for additional 30 apps, see http://www.reactle.com/p/change-log.html

Light Flow Pro - LED Control
Light Flow Pro - LED Control
Developer: Reactle
Price: $2.49

Light Flow - LED Control
Light Flow - LED Control
Developer: Reactle
Price: Free+