Let's change the way we think about Google Glass for a moment. At the end of the day, they're just too jarring for the average person to feel comfortable wearing in public. To people who don't know what they are, they're weird. To people who do, they're $1,500 worth of easily-stolen accessory being flaunted on your face.

But for performing specific-tasks, Glass makes sense. If they can help you perform surgery, why not? If they can help you understand what someone is saying, go right ahead. And if you want to use them to fly a plane, hey, you're flying a plane. You're already a cooler person than I am.

HUD for Glass provides pilots with a heads-up display that shows aircraft heading, altitude, pitch, roll, and speed. Sure, the plane already displays this information itself, but this way the data's all still visible while looking out a window or performing some other task.

Screenshot 2014-11-18 at 3.07.09 PM

hud_meters hud_feet hud_disclaimer

An Internet connection isn't required, though it does rely on GPS. Pilots can get the glassware at the link below.

Hud for Glass

Source: Hud for Glass