Everyone has an opinion, but is anyone going to listen to yours if it doesn't include a funky picture and caps lock? Hell no. That's why SUPER is here. It's an odd little app from Biz Stone (famous for co-founding Twitter) and his startup Jelly Industries.

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SUPER attempts to make it easy to share your thoughts in just a few seconds with snazzy, image heavy posts. So you pick from an opener like The Worst, I Love, or Check Out, then add your text and sign it. Next, you start mashing a button that pulls up random background images based on your text, then another button that applies a random filter. You can also take a picture to use as the background.

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The app seems kind of fun to play with, though sharing options for other social networks might be nice. As it is you're just sharing with other SUPER users. I don't see much reason to use the app personally, but maybe this is right up your alley.

The app was not found in the store. :-(