In the last several versions of Android, it was possible to quickly access an app's info screen (in Settings) by popping open the recents menu and long-pressing the app in question. If this is an oft-used feature and you've already updated to Lollipop, then you probably noticed almost immediately that it's seemingly gone in 5.0. That's not actually the case - it's just hidden.

Starting with this release, you must first enable Developer Options (Settings > About device > tap the build number 7 times) before long-pressing a recent app entry will jump into that app's info screen. However, it's still not quite that simple. You can't press just anywhere on the app - you have to long-press the app's icon in the upper left corner of the preview. Like so:

So there you go - it's kind of tucked away, but still there. And once everything is all set up, it's really no more tedious than it was before.

Thanks, Cole!