There's a lot of new stuff in Lollipop, so there are bound to be some bugs. One particularly weird bug can be found in the recent app list. Pull up the app switcher and swipe away all your cards. Go back, and there's another random app card. What gives?

The recent app list in Lollipop looks a lot different of course, but it also works differently. It keeps track of a seemingly unlimited number of apps in the list and even persists through a reboot. For some reason, when you swipe away all the cards and go back into the app switcher, Android 5.0 pulls up a card from one of the apps you've cleared. Sometimes it's a little distorted and others it has a title for a system activity that you wouldn't usually see. You can swipe these single cards away, but random ones will pop up a few more times before the app switcher is finally clear. It appears to happen only when you've got a lot of cards. Just three or four doesn't trigger the bug.

We've confirmed this is happening on multiple Lollipop devices including a Nexus 5 and Moto X 2014. So it's definitely not a device-specific thing. Because of the way Lollipop's recent apps list just keeps growing and doesn't clear itself with a reboot, most users might not see this. Still, it's going to come up on occasion.

[Thanks, José Alvarez Núñez]