Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of defense to your online accounts. Typically there are two ways to go about it: having a text sent to your phone containing a numerical key, or typing in one that appears inside of a dedicated app. Google Authenticator serves this function just fine, but you have to settle for something that hasn't been spruced up since the Ice Cream Sandwich days. Authy is an alternative offering that looks a bit easier on the eyes.

With the app's latest update, the company has made your various accounts significantly easier to access. Rather than having to slide out a menu from the left, each one appears inside a tile positioned across the bottom. Now it only takes a single tap to switch from one service's token to another.

authy1 authy2 authy3

This is the most immediate change, but it's not the only user-facing one to find. Here's the provided change log. If you've grown tired of waiting for Google to update Authenticator, now might be a good time to give something else a go.

What's new:

Completely redesigned the tokens screen. You should expect a much smoother and visually appealing experience with this new version of Authy.
  1. Redesigned tokens screen.
  2. Redesigned backups and account settings screen.
  3. Reduced app load time .
  4. Fixed sum annoying bugs from previous versions.

Twilio Authy 2-Factor Authentication
Twilio Authy 2-Factor Authentication