The web browser version of Google Play Music isn't exactly full-featured - it pales in comparison even to built-in tools like Windows Media Player or iTunes. But now it has one more tool that's bringing it a little closer: a visualizer. A visualizer is an overlay that presets a visual accompaniment to a musical track. Some of them get pretty elaborate, some of them aren't much more than a graphic equalizer. Google Play Music's first visualizer is called "Particles."


To enable the visualizer, start a track or playlist on the web, then scroll your cursor over the album art on the bottom ribbon. Two full-screen options will pop up: one for panning and zooming over the album art itself, one for Particles. If you don't see the latter, don't be surprised, it seems to be rolling out in batches. Some of the AP staff saw it appear last week, some just got it yesterday, and some still don't have the option.

activate visual

The visualization itself is pretty cool, like a pair of ink drops continually dissipating in a glass of milk. Unfortunately, casting the tab to my Chromecast seems to make the audio break up fairly consistently.

Google Play Music - Thanks to everyone who sent this in