You might have heard of Stair Dismount, the oddly addictive game of throwing a dummy off very tall objects. It's ridiculously popular, and now the developer has released a new take on this sort of gameplay called Turbo Dismount. Instead of just nudging the dummy off something tall, you sit it in a vehicle and hit the gas.

Turbo Dismount is all about the physics engine. You set the vehicle's path, the obstacles, then go. Each bump and bruise sustained by the dummy gets you points. The more points, the better you can feel about yourself. There's not really a goal except to do cool stuff and chuckle mindlessly.

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The game is free-to-play, but don't get all huffy just yet. It comes with a few levels to try, then you can buy the additional packs individually or in bundles. A single $6.99 purchase unlocks everything in the game. There's no weird currency to buy or anything.

Turbo Dismount™
Turbo Dismount™
Developer: Secret Exit Ltd.
Price: Free+