Update: Let us not forget the Galaxy Tab S 8.4. AT&T has updated that device this week as well, bumping it up to KOT49H.T707AUCU1ANJ5 after a 32MB download. As for the changes, they're a yawn.

  • Carrier Billing enhancements
  • Updates to ATT Mail, Keeper, YPMobile

Those changes are largely the same as the Galaxy Tab S 10.5's OTA this week. This 58MB update left the device at build number KOT49H.T807AUCU1ANJ5.

  • Addition of Milk Music application
  • Carrier Billing enhancements
  • Updates to ATT Mail, Keeper, YPMobile

AT&T has rolled out over-the-air updates to a slew of devices over the course of this week. You might expect uniformity among them, and you would be partially right. Some of these phones have similar upgrades, while others are getting their own set of changes.

We're lumping them all together for the sake of expediency regardless.


Most of the changelogs are decidedly disappointing. Take the Galaxy Note II. Its 93.2MB update delivers vague "Android OS enhancements." It bumps users up to KOT49H.I317UCUCNJ1. The Galaxy S III's 69MB update to KOT49H.I747UCUFNJ1 comes with an identical changelog. The same can be said for the Galaxy Mega's 77MB update to KOT49H.I527UCUBNJ1.


The Galaxy S4 shakes things up. It's OTA comes in at 392MB - 488MB, and it will leave users running version KTU84P.I337UCUFNJ4. Here's what it has coming down the pipeline:

What's new for the Galaxy S4:

  • Android 4.4.4 Update includes:
    • Miscellaneous improvements, bug fixes and security updates
  • E911 Call issue fix
  • Added Knox 2.0
  • Applications added:
    • Keeper
    • Mail
    • Live
    • Uber
    • Remote Support
    • Device Help

And here's the LG G3:

What's new for the LG G3:

  • "No power on" Fix via Qualcomm's patch
  • GMS (Google Mobile Service) update
  • Google Security Patches
  • Stability improvements
  • Mobile TV 6.0
  • Skyfire Toolbar removal

Its 163MB update will bump users up to build number KVT49L.D85010f.

For specifics on any of these updates, hit up the source link for your device below.

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