Update: It looks like the Tango tablet is available to purchase if you signed up to be on the list to buy one at Google I/O. The rest of you will, presumably, have to wait.

It looks like Google's Project Tango AR / sensor-beast tablet is headed to the Play Store soon, packing an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor and a boatload of sensors. Not to mention 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, for some reason.


This is a development device, though, so despite the beefy specifications, there's probably no reason to buy it unless you're super interested in developing AR / 3D experiences for Android. Or you just have the money to waste. There's no price for Tango yet, but we can probably assume it's going to be expensive - this same developer kit went for $1024 in limited quantities at Google I/O this summer. The Play Store version will, predictably, not come with any sort of warranty or refund opportunity - Google wants you to be dead certain you need this when you buy it.

Oh, and it comes in white.

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You can head to the Play Store and drool at it now, or look on in slight disgust. Whatever floats your boat.

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