The advertising for the latest round of Android software and devices has been pretty catchy. Have you seen the "party" ad? Nice. Google just posted four more short 45-second spots to the official Android account on YouTube, so you can expect to see these pop up on American television over the next few weeks. All of them star the cartoony Androidify figures, presumably including at least some created by users of the official app.

The first ad is probably familiar for anyone who's taken an international flight. (Going to and from the last Mobile World Congress, I must have seen Krrish 3 at least three times over.) The lady with a cartoon Nexus 9 doesn't seem bothered by the 4:3 aspect ratio, either - maybe she's watching a really old horror movie.

This garage band has a clarinet player who is rocking the hell out. Does anyone else think that adding flesh tones to all these Androidify figures makes them look like the Canadians from South Park?

I kinda doubt that there are any offices that have three Android Wear users in the same place at this point, with the possible exception of Mountain View.

Let's see, we've got a safari guy, Abe Lincoln, a Nibelungen soprano, a werewolf, a luchador wrestler, and a tiny banjo player, among many others, who are all apparently fans of 90s hip-hop. I'll bet there are some interesting conversations in that Winnebago.

Source: YouTube