You know how no one will take your stupid money for a Nexus 6? Well, T-Mobile was supposed to start trading phones for money-dollars tomorrow (November 12th), but that's not happening anymore. The company has just announced that it's pushed back the N6 launch by one week to November 19th.

The reason given for this is that the carrier wants to give customers "the best experience possible." This probably refers to the strong likelihood that very few units would be ready for purchase in T-Mobile stores tomorrow. Rather than have a substantial portion of customers annoyed that they were unable to get the phone on launch day, T-Mobile has opted to just annoy everyone by changing the date at the last moment.

Let's not take up our pitchforks and torches just yet, though. It's possible T-Mobile is seeing stock shortages even more severe than previously reported. There might not have been any other option but to postpone. In that case, blame falls on Motorola, and to a lesser extent, Google.