HTC's camera has become the company's latest piece of stock software to enter the Play Store. Here the app will sit on virtual shelves until the time comes for the company to push out future updates to its existing devices in a way that will no longer require a full-on firmware update.

HTC Camera provides a compelling software experience with many options tucked away underneath the surface, but it's held back on flagships by rear-facing hardware with relatively low megapixel counts. There's nothing this piece of software can do to fix the purple haze issue that One M7 owners like myself have been afflicted by (for that, you need to ship your phone to HTC for repair). I wish my photos came out as clear as those shown off on Google Play.

HTCCamera HTCCamera2

This particular version of the app should come with the HTC Eye Experience and all the features that entails. But this, along with whether you can download the thing at all, depends on which device you have and whether the manufacturer likes you.

HTC Camera
HTC Camera
Developer: HTC Corporation
Price: Free