So that new Nexus 9 is $400, and there isn't even a lower-tier tablet from Google anymore. So how are you supposed to get your low-cost tablet fix? Maybe this eBay deal will do it. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is on sale for $250, which is half the MSRP and a good $100 cheaper than most current prices. It's a refurb device, but that's still a solid deal.

2014-11-10 13_36_57-Samsung Galaxy Tabpro 10 1 034 SM T520R 16GB Android 4 4 Exynos 5420 1 9GHz Tabl

The Tab Pro is Samsung's mostly-premium line of tablets. They're snappy devices with high-resolution 2560x1600 screens, but they're LCD instead of AMOLED, a la the Tab S. At $250 it's hard to argue, though. It only has 16GB of storage, but there's a microSD card slot.

You can get the black or white version of this device with free shipping in the US. Tax is paid only in Maryland. There's also international shipping for somewhat reasonable prices.

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