Is it too much to ask to have a device that simply does all the things? You know, all the things. It can plug into the wall for power, store 6000mAh worth of juice when an outlet isn't close by, function as a hotspot for nearby devices, and serve as a personal cloud that shares USB storage wirelessly. This sounds like a great thing to have while traveling, so seriously, is wanting one too much to ask?

Wait, you're telling me that such a gadget exists? Huh, look at that. The HooToo TripMate Elite does all of these things, and it goes for a relatively decent price of $46.99 on Amazon.

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The TripMate has an Ethernet port, which allows you to convert a wired connection into a wireless one for your other devices. Beside this are two USB ports. One provides 1A of power and can share USB storage with your other connected gadgets. The second port goes up to 2A. There's a microUSB port that you can use to return power to the TripMate at times when you don't have a wall socket to plug into. An indicator on the side will show how much battery life there's left to work with.

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Before you purchase one, let us help you take a bit of the edge off. You can save $5 by entering the coupon code ANDROIDP at checkout. Yup, that's Android P, for Android Police. You will see our name show up right before you finalize your order.

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You have until November 30th to utilize this coupon code before it expires.

HooToo TripMate Elite on Amazon